Those of you that know me well, know that I love the spiritual principle of acceptance.  When I started actively living the things I was taught in the 12 step program that I am a member of, I learned that if I am practicing acceptance I don’t have so much chaos in my head.

Example: I have a wonderful, loving husband, but he flirts with every woman on the  planet. That is just how he is. He is not trying to replace me (which is what that mean “voice” in my head tells me). So, when I “accept” that this is just how he is, that he loves me and isn’t trying to replace me, I have less stuff in my head about, “see, he is trying to find someone better”; or “she is prettier than you and see, he is flirting with her, he must want her”. When I “accept” that he Does love me, and only wants me (which he has been proving to me for 29 years) then I have serenity in my head about our marriage.

Here is another: I have a chronic disorder called “fibromyalgia” (look it up, it’s not just pain, and it’s not fun) which I was diagnosed with in February of 1999. I fought having this disorder for years. I took prescription and street drugs to try to get rid of the symptoms so that I could “feel” like I thought that I should feel.  When I finally “accepted” that I have this disorder; that there is not cure for it; that I am going to have some pain, no energy, IBS, and the myriad of other symptoms, then I could start learning how to get by and do what I wanted and needed to do, With my disorder!!  Today i accept that I am going to have some pain, I accept that I am going to wake up tired and go to bed tired. Along with this acceptance has come freedom. Freedom to learn how to continue on and be happy having a chronic pain disorder. And since I have accepted that I have Fibro, and want to continue living, the symptoms don’t get me down like they use to.  Today I know that getting up and moving around, even though it hurts, is the way to make the pain/stiffness decrease. I know that even though I don’t get the endorphin rush from exercising that lots of people do, exercise is good for me. I just have to exercise through the pain this week, then next week I have just a little less pain and exhaustion,  With fibro I have to practice “doing the action, before I get the motivation”. But this works for me when I can make myself do it.

The sooner I start practicing acceptance of anything in my life, the sooner I get to have peace and serenity regarding that subject.

Hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday.


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