What I have learned about myself, is that when I have unrealistic expectations of situations or people I end up being disappointed which leads to resentments. Today I refuse to hold resentments. For me, it is easier to let go of my expectations than to hold resentments.

Now, the letting go of expectations is not always an easy thing to do. I have been able to do it to some extent because I practice doing it every day.

Example: I started exercising last year to try to lose weight. I ended up quitting exercising because I didn’t lose any weight. Today I exercise because it is good for me, not for any result, that way I will not be disappointed, and hopefully I will continue to exercise regularly.

I choose to let go of all expectations in my relationships with people. I have finally figured out and accepted the fact that all of us are human and we all make mistakes. Not only that but I am not the one to be able to decide how people (other than myself) are suppose to act. Others do not have to live by the same morals as I do, they don’t have to think or feel the same as I do. When I expected them to “live up to my expectations” they often didn’t and that always upset me. So, today, I practice letting people be people, with all of their many difference and flaws (this includes me). When I accept us all, not only as human with human flaws, but as individuals who are all allowed to be, feel and think differently, then I have fewer and fewer resentments to try to get rid of.

I will discuss how I am able to not hold any resentments on another post.

Hope everyone has a Great Tuesday!!! (((HUGS)))

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  1. Great post Pattykakes!!! we all need to strive to see each other as just humans…we all make mistakes!!! ((((((HUGS)))))) Love ya girl!!!

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