Practice being satisfied

Sunday in church someone mentioned the phrase “why don’t you practice being satisfied”.

This made me think. At first, I was like, “what”, then I pondered on it and realized just how profound that statement was.

I work diligently to stay “in gratitude”, and “being satisfied” helps me with that A LOT!

When I am in the head space of “I want” or “if only”, then I am negative, wanting things that I don’t have. So being in “I am very happy with what I have today” makes it a lot easier for me to be grateful.

I believe I am going to work hard at trying to add “practicing being satisfied” to the other things that I practice daily!


I, along with lots of my friends, am participating in the 28 days of gratitude thing on Facebook: everyday we post something else that we are grateful for and we do that from Nov 1st to Nov 28th. Some people have been joking about people putting up their “gratitude” during November when all they do the rest of the time is complain. I think that is kind of true to some extent, but I know that it is not for me. I don’t post a lot of personal stuff on Facebook, and I do not complain on Facebook. But I do enjoy doing the gratitude thing with my friends during this month.


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