Love One Another

“As I have loved you, love one another” John 13:34

Not nearly as easy as the words appear! If we all could do that the world sure would be a lot different. Since I work diligently to not worry about what others are doing, and just concentrate on “My” actions, I am only going to talk about me and how “I” can work at practicing this more in my life!!

I guess number one would be the knowledge and acceptance of Jesus’ love for me! When I acknowledge to what degree my Savior loves me, and then look at that scripture, it makes me responsible to do my best to love others!! Now of course, I do have a finite brain and with that brain I cannot fathom the infinite love that Jesus has for me, but I can at least accept that He does love me!

Then I get to make the decision to start showing love for my fellow human beings.

Next I get to start praying for the ability to start showing love to others.

Next I get to start practicing this decision! I say practice because I have learned in the last few years that just because I decide to change my behavior and ask Heavenly Father to assist me with this behavior change, doesn’t mean that it happens instantly. I have to actively practice this behavior. Some days I will succeed with some of this behavior 50% of the time and some 95% of the time. What I have to continue to do, is pray and practice the behavior daily.

Then I get to pray and practice the behavior daily, and over and over and over. Because I know that I will get to continue to do that until I die. 

The cool thing is, that as I practice daily, I am showing love to my fellow human beings. Each day that I actively practice showing love to others, I am showing love to others!! So even if I only succeed 20% one day, I still showed love to others 20% more than I would have if I had not been practicing showing love to others. So as long as I am practicing, I am getting better and I am growing as a person!


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