Gratitude Challenge Accepted

When I read the post about the gratitude challenge, she said that it could be pictures or words. I decided to not try to take pics of all of the many things I am grateful for, but I did take one pic:

Imagethat’s a picture of the nifty matching pen and notebook that I carried around all day to write my list in, and its on my list too..

Since this is my first time blogging a gratitude list I’m not really sure how to categorize it, so I’m just gonna start:

Heavenly Father; Jesus Christ; prayer; my bed; ibuprofen; pen & paper; I can read and write; internet; my laptop; my cell phone; android applications; Just For Today meditations; make-up; email; television; radio; the Prophet; Apostles; scriptures (Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants, Pearl of Great Price); modern day revelation; Coyote (his love, how he forgives, sense of humor, great father, great friend); my children (Jethro & Cupcake); Peaches; Little Missie & Little Mister (my grandchildren); NOLA Saints football; BACA; high chairs; medication (busparone, levothyroxin, gabapentin, etc.); vitamins; apple cider; tortillas; pop tarts; hot chocolate; sam’s choice cola; Blondie; books (romance novels, inspirational romances, biographies, historical romances, etc); hymns; friends I’ve known for years; Home Teachers; Elders; my Ward’s choir; central heat/air; my Jeep; my boots; talks; the Sacrament; the Gift of the Holy Ghost; the Priesthood; my testimony; “motivation after action”; I got to be a nurse; 12 step program that changed my life!; fellowship at church; fellowship of 12 step program; choices; indoor plumbing; modern appliances; the tree in my front yard; the plant that BACA sent to CRD’s funeral is still alive; washer & dryer; answers to prayers; as I count my blessings I find blessings; growth through adversity; the primary program; I am an optimist; repentance; forgiveness; tolerance; unconditional love; Hope; faith; Trust; humility; acceptance; surrender; spiritual awareness; service; acrylic nails; my nail tech; my wedding ring; my rings; meeting new people; earth; my ancestors; USA; religious freedom; my mother’s testimony; my Mama; my dad’s testimony; my Daddy; pictures; temples; Sunday school; geneology; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints;;;; personal responsibility; journals; serenity; the ability to be honest today; law of chastity; emotions (good & bad); plan of salvation; Relief Society; Sister Missionaries; teachers; chocolate; orange sticks; 12 program service structure; the ability to practice spiritual principles; LDS Addiction Recovery program; facilitator; art; recovery meetings; the love of the Savior; instant messages; my blood sisters; power steering; automatic transmission; autumn temperatures; debit card; movies; anonymity; flavored mashed potatoes; motor cycles; motorcycles; leather; purses; bags (big, small, all of them) herbs; spices;The Big Bang Theory; my sponsees; texting; DVD player; Little Mister’s smile; legos; silverware; paper plates; dishwasher; weekly trash pick-up.

This list is not in any particular order, just the order that I wrote them down in.

I truly, truly enjoyed this challenge!!!  I am a strong believer in “an attitude of gratitude changes everything”. I consistently practice making gratitude lists to keep my gratitude at “the front of my brain”! But I have never before spent a whole day consciously paying enough attention to record all of the things I am grateful for. It was wonderfully uplifting, eye opening, and thought provoking!

On Tuesday I will be linking this to the “Gratitude Challenge” link at given to me by Chocolate on My Cranium.

Today I read a blog about not just talking about our gratitude, but actually doing something about it; he issued a challenge, go read it here for yourself. Yes I am accepting that challenge.

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