More on Gratitude

I am finding so much on gratitude that I want to share:


and then there is this wonderful article I found: “1000 Things To Be Thankful For”  By Richard R. Romney. When you count your blessings one by one, they really add up. It’s a really good article, and I especially like at the end where he states: 

The marvelous result was that we now have a family tradition—and I have a personal tradition—of finding something each day to rejoice in. We have found that when we are thankful day after day, our attitudes are more often happy and hopeful. We reflect that gratitude regularly in our prayers and record it in our journals.

As a family, we have learned that great joy comes from acknowledging the hand of the Lord in all things (see D&C 59:21).

because I have been trying to do that for a few years now and it has worked so very well in my life!!

I literally do not have the words to communicate to others just how very much my life changes for better when I am consistently grateful for all of the blessings that Heavenly Father gives me!! When I not only consistently “thank” Him for them, but truly “feel” the gratitude for them.

In the less than 1 month I have posted 2 other blogs on gratitude because it is such a big deal to me. Not only being grateful but acting grateful. As I say it “when I keep my gratitude at the front of my brain”, then I am happier, more serene, I see the beauty in my life. Even the silly little things like, crayons, colored pens (which I love), the God Box that Cupcake made me for my first 6th step. I have been blessed with so many things in my life. When I acknowledge those things consistently, I am consistently happier!



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