What I think about

I have learned that the type of stuff I give the most thought to guides my actions.
When I used drugs, my thoughts were all about drugs: what kind and how much I had; how long would they last; how could I get more; how would I get money for more, etc.
When I got clean I worked very hard to change my thinking away from the “getting and using and finding ways and means of getting more” of active addiction.
As I grew in recovery, I worked diligently to keep the spiritual principles (honesty, open mindedness, willingness, surrender, humility, acceptance, etc.) that I wanted to practice daily in the “front” of my brain.
And so now as I work to strengthen my relationship with Heavenly Father (an ongoing process). I am trying to consistently think of things that remind me of Heavenly Father and my Savior. Things like praying regularly; reading, studying and pondering the scriptures; reading talks by the Brethren; attending the meetings at church; attending the ARP meetings; and recently I have discovered YouTube.
There are also lots of great videos at the Mormon Channel and LDS.org.
Here is a really good video from YouTube.

This Christmas, let how you celebrate, reflect what you celebrate!!

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