The “Christ”mas Spirit

Earlier today, someone mentioned needing to find their misplaced Christmas spirit.
That got me to thinking. Do I have the Christmas spirit? Am I happier and more joyful right now because it’s almost Christmas? Am I giddy with expectation of the “big” day? Am I enjoying the planning for the holiday parties? Or is my anxiety crazy due to worries over money, parties, others’ expectations, etc.?
Actually the answer to all of those questions is “no”.
But in searching my heart what I realized is that: I have peace and serenity in my life on almost a daily basis; I am happy with my life all year round; there is no “present” that anyone else can give me that will make me happy. I have the spirit of Christ with me every day of the year! Therefore, I don’t ever need to worry about getting, finding, or losing the “Christmas” spirit!
I watched this video earlier today and I see the “spirit of Christ” in these three men, not just christmas spirit!

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