The Very Beginning

This is going to be an account of my journey with the Plexus products.

My product came in today, Tuesday January 21st. I did all my measurements tonight. They are as follows:

  • waist – 42.5 inches
  • hips – 52 inches
  • thigh – 28.5 inches
  • chest – 44.5 inches
  • weight – 212 pounds

Beginning pictures are:

Beginning weight 212 lbs
Beginning weight 212 lbs

Beginning weight 212lbs
Beginning weight 212lbs

I am beginning a little slower than the recommended because of my hypothyroidism, fibromyalgia and also the fact that I am an addict in recovery.  All of the products contain only natural ingredients, but the Plexus Accelerator is a natural stimulant and we want to start me out slowly and not mess with my addiction in any way, shape or form.

I am starting with the “Plexus Slim®”, the “Plexus Accelerator®”, “BioClense®”, “ProBio5®” and the “Plexus X-Factor®” multi-vitamin.

All opinions are mine and represent ME only!!!! There are no guarantees that anyone else will have the same results as me.