I opened my blog this afternoon and prayed: “Heavenly Father, help me write a blog”  and here is where my mind went:  so this is your blog for today!!

That is Matthew 25:14-30, obviously the parable of the talents. I put the video in because I really like this Jesus in these videos from Mormon Channel.

If I read the above and then I read John 13:34, the Spirit leads Patty to understand that I am suppose to cultivate and multiply my talents (Matthew) and also that I am suppose to love my brothers and sisters as Jesus loved me (John). Therefore, I am suppose to use my varied and unique talents to help my brothers and sisters here.

I have to remind myself of this consistently. The adversary likes it when I am selfish and self centered. He tells me that I “need” to “take care of myself” that if “I don’t look out for myself, no one else will”. I tend to get so caught up in what I “need” to get done today: the dishes, the laundry, work at doing this or that, file my taxes, that I forget to ask: “Heavenly Father, what would You have me do for you today?”

My Savior wasn’t selfish. He didn’t shirk off the “bitter cup”!! I get to remember that! One of the many things that I get to learn in this mortal state, it selflessness. Or at least learn to be less self centered!

My Savior not only came here to Earth and lived a mortal life to give me an example; but he was also tempted above anything that I will ever be tempted with; and then He died so that I may not have to spiritually die for my sins. Wow! And the really cool thing is, I don;t have to wait for immortality to take advantage of the Atonement in my life!! I get to tap into that at any time!

Therefore, today, I am going to try to remember not to be selfish! I am going to try to remember to cultivate and multiply my unique talents that Heavenly Father has given me and use them to help my brothers and sisters here on earth! And, I am also going to add this to that list of things that I need to remember daily!

I hope all of you are having a good week. I am.

Remember: What e’er thou art, act well thy part!


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