Repentance and Forgiveness

My Savior suffered in the garden so that I may repent. Jesus made the ultimate sacrifice because I could never, on my own, do enough to atone for my own sins.

My God has told me that I have to forgive everyone.  When I look at the sacrifice my Savior made, and then think about Not forgiving someone. When I think about how He made it possible for My sins to be forgiven and “I” have the selfishness, to even think about not forgiving someone else, I almost cringe!! I have, before, fallen on my knees in complete despair and agony and begged for forgiveness from my actions because I could not stand myself any longer, and was forgiven. But I can even “think” of not forgiving someone for “embarrassing” me, or hurting my pride, or any number of things that “I” have perceived as “hurting” me?  How dare I!!

In my 12 step program, one of the spiritual principles that I learned from working the steps was forgiveness. I learned for myself that forgiving other people is as much, if not more, for my own mental health as anything else.

So you see, to me, repentance (God forgiving me) and forgiveness (my forgiving other people) are very closely related.

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