Patience, trust and humility

The last two weeks have been almost a constant lesson in patience, Trust, and humility among other principles that Heavenly Father is continuously trying to help me learn.

Some days it has seemed like too much, too slow, not enough, not when I want it! Dangit!! Fortunately I have a wonderful Father in Heaven who understands my human failings! Every time I think “I” have had too much and “I” can’t do this anymore, he gives me “something”, that little just what I need at that moment to remind me that: He is there, He loves me and these lessons are for my good, (not his or anyone else’s entertainment).

So right this minute I am ok with the sequence of things in my days recently: practice patience and trust, get flustered, get a sweet glimpse of how it will end up, say thank you, relax, sleep; wake up, pray, practice patience and trust and humility, get frustrated, pray for strength, practice patience, cry, practice trust and patience, pray, feel frustrated, hear just what I need to hear to know that I am on the right path and in my Heavenly Father’s will, sigh and say “thank you”, sleep; wake up and pray, practice patience, “feel” like nothing is happening, or at least not fast enough, pray, practice humility, trust and patience, “feel” yucky, pray, get a message through the Spirit that I am right where I am suppose to be and doing exactly what God wants me to to be doing right now, sigh and say “thank you”, sleep; get up, pray, and do what “feels” like the same things all over again.

I “feel” extreme gratitude right now!! I may not like what lessons I am getting to learn right now, but man, looking back at where my life was a few years ago, now I realize my life is so very much easier than it was then!! No matter how I “feel” today, all I have to do is remember my life back in 2000 through 2006 and I get tons of gratitude!!!

So having said that: I will take practicing patience, humility and trust any and every day over the crud in my life back then! I have so much to be grateful for: no more drugs, no more obsessing over people that aren’t good for me; no more breaking the law just to “get right”; new decision making paradigms, I’m not scared of police today!!!; a wonderful Heavenly Father that I know loves me today; knowledge of my Savior’s atonement for me and the ability to tap into that for help daily; a set of spiritual principles to help guide me in my life; friends and loved ones that I can interact with in a healthy manner (not just use them up). That’s just about 2% of the things that are different today, but that’s all I’m going to list today.

(((HUGS))) Thank you for reading “My Thoughts” today!!

and remember: What e’er thou art, act well thy part!!

2 thoughts on “Patience, trust and humility

  1. These are the exact same things I’ve been struggling with lately. And you expressed a lot of similar things I’ve been going through as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

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