Week 3 is finished!

Today is the last day of week 3 of my Plexus journey to better health.

On my first post of this journey, I recorded my weight as 212. At the end of my first week I weighed and it was 220. At the end of the second week I weighed and it was 220. Today I weighed and it said 216!

I havent done any measurements today because my daughter who does them is not feeling well. So maybe we will get to those later.

What I want to talk to you about today is not weight, it is health. For over 8 years (because I have pictures from 8 years ago) I have had trouble with, lets call it, a rash, for lack of a better word, on my face. It starts on my forhead, goes over and through my eyebrows, down my nose and around my nos,e skips my lips and is then on my chin. It is a red, flaky(?) area. I have tried all kinds of facial over the counter soaps, different make ups, everything that I could think of. I thought that my face just didn’t exfoliate correctly so I would scrub the flakiness(??) away, then under those flakes(?) the skin would be raw and red. And it hurt!! Burned, all lotions burned. I always had these flakes(?) on my face and clothes and in my eye brows. If I was out in the sun for very long without makeup my face would turn a burning red color and my friends thought that I was suffering from heat exhaustion, So I covered it up with make-up which on lots of days hurt too.

I showed it to my Doctor and at first he perscribed a dandruff shampoo for it. That didn’t work. Then he called it rosacia and prescribed a cream that cost over $300 per tube, so needless to say I didn’t get that prescription, So I just lived with it.

Also, for 3 years now I have been dealing with, again lets call it, a rash (for lack of a better word) on my arms (bilaterally). It started as small circles. The center was red with the outside being white and flaky (again with the flakes). I tried multiple lotions, they helped it not look like horribly dry skin, but didn’t make it go away. Three years ago there were 4 or 5 small spots on both arms. Now the whole distal side of both of my forarms is covered with this rash. As well as both of my upper outer arms. I have showed this to my Doctor too and first he prescribed a steroid lotion that helped a little, but didn’t get rid of it. Then he said to used Eucerin lotion, I did, it burned like fire.

Within the past 6 months the “rash” has errupted on my thighs and some on the bottom parts of my legs also.

About 2 months ago I started slathering Aquaphor healing ointment over all of my “rash” That didn’t burn like the lotions, and helped get rid of the white flakey looking stuff for a bit. So I didn’t look so much like I had all that dead skin all over me. But nothing has helped the rash get better! It has only been steadily getting worse for years and years.

Well, in the 3 weeks that I have been taking the plexus products, the rash is Actually Getting Better! Not just being scrubbed away and covered up. But drying up and getting better. I can feel the difference on my face, especially, and my friends and family can see the difference too. Can you say Candida???

Also, for the 5 days prior to today, I had really good days! On Thursday I helped babysit, cleaned the kitchen, didn’t take a nap, good day; on Friday I got up and watched kids while Cupcake went to the Dr, then went to a meeting, then cleaned the kitchen, then picked up Coyote and did some shopping, then cooked, no nap; then on Saturday, did some stuff at home then got out of the house to a local homegroup function, then home, no nap; Sunday got up, went to church, went to BACA meeting, cooked, went to ARP meeting; Monday got up watched kids, went to a meeting, came home did stuff.

Now, that may not sound like anything out of the norm for most people, but for me that was outstanding!!!  I have not had 5 days in a row of feeling that good in “I don’t know how long”!! To be able to go out and do stuff on a Saturday, I have to rest and prepare for a week and then rest for 2 or 3 days afterwards, and have had to live this way for years, due to the fibromyalgia. That had just become a way of life for me. I wasn’t ever able to plan to do anything 2 days in a row.

Today I woke up with a cold (scratchy throat, head ache, just achy) but I still havent been bed ridden because of it.

I have energy!!! I woke up this morning, and I wasn’t exhausted! Just that in itself is a miracle to me!!! To NOT feel exhausted all day long is HUGE to someone like me who has been exhausted every day since I quit using drugs (my fibro symptoms were one of the excuses I used for using drugs) almost 7 and 1/2 years ago.

Yes, I seem EXCITED and I AM!!

I will update you again soon on my Plexus journey to better health.

(((HUGS))) and I hope you are having a blessed day!!

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