Good days

Today has just been a good day! I don’t mean that “good” things have happened today, because nothing especially good has. I have just “felt” good all the way around today!! It has been one of those days where my “feelings” have actually mostly matched up with the “facts” of my day.

I got up this morning, I didn’t laze around in the bed, and I went to a presentation with a couple of my BACA brothers.  Then I was late for a meeting. I really don’t like being late to my 12 step meetings, but I am learning to be more flexible, so I just went on and was late. It was a really good meeting. I got to see 2 of “the 7” (use to be “the 6”) I got to see my Blondi and give her a hug. 

I have a lot of “good” days. But I don’t usually have days where I feel good emotionally, spiritually AND physically all at the same time!! Today I got to have one of those days!!

I am having more days where my pain levels are down and my energy levels are up! 

I have a lot of days where I am spiritually good. I have a lot of emotionally good days. I have a lot of days where I am emotionally and spiritually good. But in the past 7 years I haven’t had a ton of physically good days. I was happy to have my emotionally and spiritually “up” days, and I am able to be “ok” even when not having physically good or even “ok” days. It is really neat to be having more “physically” better days!!

I love my life today!!  Good day, great day, ok day, yucky day – I still love my life! I am happy to be alive today!! I wasn’t 8 years ago, so….

I hope everyone has a great evening!! (((HUGS)))

What e’er thou art, act well thy part!!