What matters most

I just watched a short video on the Mormon Channel by President Thomas S. Monson regarding “What Matters Most” I tried to embed it here, but it just wasn’t working. LOL But I am still going to write this Blog on that topic.

My family knowing that I love them matters very much to me, so I need to remember to tell them regularly. I’m pretty good at this. I tell my hubby at least a dozen times a day, I tell the Little Miss and Little Mister multiple times a day that I love them; I tell my daughter, and I tell my son also. But what is more, I do my best to “show” them that I love them. I yell very little; I (we) say please and thank you consistently; and I treat them with respect.

My relationship with Heavenly father matters very much to me! It is the most important relationship that I have. I work diligently, daily to maintain this relationship. I pray regular prayers two times daily; I say multiple thank you’s throughout the day; I read the scriptures daily; I read the Just for Today meditation daily; I don’t use drugs; and I do my best to obey my Heavenly Father daily! All of these things help me to maintain a healthy conscious contact with my Heavenly Father.

What matters most?  That is a question I have to discern for myself each morning, and sometimes multiple times a day. I have to remember not to choose to what I want right now and give up what I want eternally!

I get to remember daily to “choose the right”. I even wear a CTR ring to help remind myself of that fact. But I do find some satisfaction in doing what is right just because it is right. I have friends that don’t, but I am blessed enough that most of the time I do.


I enjoyed church this morning. I really enjoyed the LDS Women’s Meeting yesterday evening. And I am very excited about LDS General Conference next weekend.


I am going to participate in a thing I saw on Twitter, where every day of this week before General Conference I post a favorite quote from a past General Conference talk and tag it #GCweek2014.

I think I will post them on facebook, twitter and I will do a small blog on each. This will be part of my preparation for General Conference. Being newly back to church activity I didn’t “prepare” for the last two GCs that I was around for, but I believe I want to prepare for this one!! I think it will be fun, educational and enlightening.

Have a wonderful evening!! (((HUGS)))

and remember: What e’er thou art, at well thy part!!!





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