Gifts of the Spirit

I was talking with my Blondi yesterday. The subject of unconditional love came up.
I realized that one of my gifts (blessings) from Heavenly Father is the ability to still believe in beautiful things like: unconditional love, that people are mostly good, that people care about each other, that love, kindness, honor, integrity matter, that greed, selfishness and hate are not the norm. And I believe that it is this “gift” that helps me be an optimistic person. I like being and optimistic person. That is the personality type that works for Patty!

The really cool thing that I think clicked for me today is: it is ok for me to be me. It is ok for me to believe in ¬†unconditional love even if I am the only one! It is ok, and not only ok, but what Heavenly Father wants for Patty! I don’t need to try to change the things that I believe Heavenly Father gave me even if no one else believes them!

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure that I’m not the only one out there that still believes in unconditional love, and peace, and goodness. Well at least I sure hope I’m not! But the thing is, it doesn’t matter. God gave me the ability to still believe in these things and so I’m going to continue to do so without putting myself down, or thinking that I am strange for doing so!!

I have come to realize that Today, it is ok to be me even if I annoy other people, even if other people don’t agree with me and I don’t agree with them. It is good for all of us to be individuals today!



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