Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, which for me, and lots of others a week of thinking specifically about our Savior’s death and resurrection.  The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is doing lots of stuff this week to get us in the Spirit for Easter.  You can go look at one of them here.

Then there is also the photo challenge:

To help promote this initiative, memes and a Photo-A-Day Challenge graphic were created, and you are invited to use these on your sites and social properties.


I will be participating in this also. I believe it will be fun, and I’m trying to enjoy life more these days.

Also, some are participating in the #StartingToday. I’m gonna do some of that too!! #StartingToday I am going to work at remembering we are ALL God’s children, and acting as such!


Also, I am on day 7 of the Book of Mormon Translation Challenge #BOMTC, while I am still reading the Book of Mormon with #BofM365 which we have been doing since January 1st. So I am reading the Book of Mormon in two different places, which is great. I haven’t read the entire Book of Mormon in over a decade and this year I get to read it twice!! I am really enjoying the spiritual gifts that I am getting from regular scripture reading again.

Hope you all  had a wonderful weekend!!  Stay Blessed! (((HUGS)))

Remember: Be the best you that you can be!!



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