Monday (April 14, 2014) #BecauseofHim

The #BecauseofHim photo challenge for Monday, is “#BecauseofHim I can be a better daughter”. I decided to use a photo going for an earthly daughter theme. It was actually the first time I was able to successfully use my photo enhancing program that a friend told me to start using, so I was very excited. But I can’t get it to load on here, it is on Facebook though, here

I have been working diligently to be a better earthly daughter for a while now. Because of the Atonement of Jesus Christ, I have the ability to be able to repent, be forgiven and do my best to be better today. My Mama died in June of 1995, but my daddy is still alive. He is the bearded guy in the picture! He is a great daddy! He taught me as a child that love is more important than money! He shows me about unconditional love daily. He also shows me every day just how very much he loves my mother and my sisters and me! I made a conscious decision a few years ago: to answer his phone calls, or to call him back, every single time he calls me. I decided this because I realize that there is going to come a day when he is not going to be here to call me, but by doing this, I will know that I took every single chance to talk to him that I had. I know that will make a huge difference to me after he is not here on this earth.

I don’t have to wait until Judgement Day to take advantage of what Jesus did for all of us all those years ago!! I am able to use the Atonement in my life today!! Repentance and Forgiveness have been HUGE in Patty’s life! I am not stuck in the actions of my past. I can repent and do my best to amend the behavior and be a better me from this day forward. And the wonderful thing is, this is available to ALL of us. The Atonement is not exclusive to me, or to anyone person!! If you for some reason think that it is not relevant to you, I believe that you are wrong!! You can utilize the Atonement too!!



Also as a part of this weeks celebration, Alex, the Latter day poet, is asking those of us that follow his blog to submit our own poems about #BecauseofHim.  I am not by any means a poet, but I really love my Savior and I’m excited about this week so I wrote and submitted one. I decided I would put it here too.

Because of Him, my self-made prison no longer holds me,

Because of Him, my mistakes no longer define me,

Because of Him, repentance for me is possible

Because of Him, joy is a part of my life today!!

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(((HUGS))) Have a wonderful Week!

Remember: Be the best you that you can be!!

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