Wednesday’s #BecauseofHim post

Because of Him #BecauseofHim Day 3, WEDNESDAY

And the awesome thing is that I have been able to do this!!  Most of you know that there are a lot of things in my past that need left behind and because of the Atonement I have been able to to that.  It took lots of step work, lots of prayer, lots of forgiveness, both of myself and others, but I have accomplished it!

I was thinking earlier: I think about my Savior every day; I thank Him for His sacrifice, and for what He did for me!! But this week with the #BecauseofHim and #StartingToday stuff that is going on on social media, I am thinking more specifically of “how” His atoning sacrifice enables me to live a blessed life today!! Not just that I get to live eternally, but that my life today, here on this earth can be better, If I will utilize what He did for me! What a wonderful thing!! You can take advantage of this today too!! Jesus atoned not only for me, but for you, and for you, and you. For each and every one of us!! All we have to do is follow Him to take advantage of that!! Read about it His Atoning Sacrifice here, and read more about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints here.

For todays #StartingToday I am borrowing Kathryn Skaggs from Well Behaved Mormon Woman, she posted it yesterday and I completely love it. #StartingToday I will not allow fear to stop me from doing what I know God wants me to do!!

Too often fear still stops me. It stops me from talking to strangers, it stops me from telling you just how much Jesus’ Atonement has changed me for the better, it stops me from sharing my testimony with my husband. I still have a lot of fear in my life today, but I know that I just get to keep trying my best to continue in the walk that God has in mind for me today!!

Also, here is today’s #BecauseofHim photo challenge:



I hope that you have a very good day!! (((HUGS)))

Remember: Be the best you, that you can be!! No one makes a better you that you!

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