Saturday’s #BecauseofHim post

I have been extremely busy today, thus this post isn’t coming out until evening.  It’s all good though, had a great day at the BACA Kid’s Day/KISR Easter Egg Hunt. The weather was amazing and therefore we had tons of people at Creekmore Park for the event.

Here is today’s #BecauseofHim meme

Because of Him #BecauseofHim Day 6, SATURDAY

For me, this goes along with yesterday’s, that no good bye is permanent. I truly believe that because of what Jesus did for us, we will live for eternity!

Here is today’s #BecauseofHim photo challenge


The Book of Mormon Another Testament of Jesus Christ inspires me.


Today has been a very busy, tiring day. I was out at the park for over 5 hours. I got a pretty bad sunburn on my arms! The good thing about that is I haven’t gotten a sunburn in years because I didn’t have the energy to stay out in the sun long enough to get sun burned. The last time I worked at Kid’s Day I was only able to be there for about 3 hours.

I am missing a good friends birthday party tonight because I did too much yesterday and today, so I sure hope they forgive me.


Hope everyone has had a Super Saturday!! (((HUGS)))




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