My Plexus testimonial 4/25/2014

I have had a really good week!

Every day I have had pain levels of 0 to 2, and energy levels of 5 to 7.

One day I did a load of dishes and 2 loads of laundry! All of that in the same day!! I have cooked multiple times this week, helped take care of the kids, gone to 2 meetings and on Wednesday we took the kids and went out to breakfast, to Savers and then to WalMart!!

My tummy troubles have not kept me near the restroom, I have not had to take my Valerian Root for my anxiety as much in the past month as I use to, and this rash on my face is so very, very much better. The rash on my arms is doing better also, and the rash on my legs is 80% gone.

It is so wonderful to have multiple good days in the same week. And I have had four weeks of that in a row!! Then this week I have had 7 good days in a row!

I am so very grateful for the Plexus products helping improve the quality of my life!!!

(((HUGS))) Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!

Remember: What e’er thou art, act well thy part!

**these are “my” results of taking the Plexus® products. Individual results will vary!!

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