Self-discipline, faith and patience

So today is Thursday. Not much on my to do list, yet. I need to run to the bank, and Wal-Mart. Then have to pick the Coyote up from work and take him to his Dr appt. He didn’t ride today because it is suppose to rain. It is going to rain, I can feel it, just not sure when.

Have already watched “Tinker Bell”, “Belle’s musical adventures” this morning, and now we are watching “Shrek 2”. Little Miss usually gets to pick what we watch and she loves animated musicals.

Friends from Kansas are going to be in town tonight to do a Plexus meeting for us, very excited about that. If you live here in the Fort, join us at 7pm in the Rose room at Creekmore park. Lots of good information!

Today I am working at practicing Self-discipline, Faith, and Patience!!

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!  (((HUGS)))

Be the best you that you can be!!

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