Good days/yucky days/reality days

Today is a rainy Monday, we have had rain here for 4 days.

Here is an entry from my journal for today:

Not having a good morning, I have a cold, and have had one since last Thursday. I’m tired, head stopped up and it “feels” like everything is against me, but I know that those are just “feelings”, not necessarily reality.  I am grateful that I have learned that my feelings are not always reality today!!  I can look at reality despite my feelings!

Today I know that no matter how I “feel” I have a good life! I have a very good relationship with Heavenly Father, I know that He loves me no matter what! I know that I am doing my best to obey His commandments and that He gives me the blessings associated with that! I have a great relationship with my husband! I love him, and I show him that every day, and he loves me and shows me every day! I have good/healthy (I believe) relationships with my grown children, I treat them like adults and don’t try to control them, and we love each other very much. I have 2 wonderful grandchildren that live with me and that I love very much!!  I have a wonderful sponsor who I can call and talk with about anything that I need to talk about! I have lots of friends in NA, church and BACA that I can call if I need to talk. I also have friends that I can call if I need anything! My life is good, even if it doesn’t “feel” like it sometimes!!

There are multiple reasons that I am sharing this with you. First of all, these are “my thoughts” and that is what this blog is all about, right? Second, I believe that we all have yucky days, and that when we share this with others, it isn’t quite so yucky. Third, I believe that it is important to know that others have yucky days, but that Hope, Faith, and Trust can help us all get through those days. For me, expressing gratitude even on those yucky days is very important! It helps me “feel” better even when my “feelings” aren’t what I want them to be!! Also, I wanted to share with you so that maybe if you have these kinds of “feelings” too, what I do to help me, might help you a little bit too!


Today’s spiritual principle is “commitment”. I learned how to practice commitment in the 12 step program that I go to. I started out by staying clean, then I started signing up to chair meetings, then I worked steps with my sponsor, and since learning to do those things I now am able to practice commitment in the big things, like my marriage, being a sponsor, being a mother, etc! I am not afraid of commitment today!



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