Happy Friday

Happy Friday folks!!

Today’s spiritual principle is “surrender”. Awesome!  The quicker I surrender the crazy thoughts; control issues; resentments; etc. in my head the more serenity that I have!!  And, really, it’s the crud in my head that causes me the most problems!

Yesterday was kinda crazy. I watched the kids in the morning so that Cupcake could start the enrollment process at our local university! Then, all afternoon I ran around doing errands. I completely forgot to pick a spiritual principle and to write a blog!! I apologize.

I have been working on my assignment for RS this Sunday. My first. I have had talks, and I have taught multiple different things in my life but I have never done a lesson in RS. I trust Heavenly Father and the Bishop that this is the Calling for me, but being me, I am nervous. All will be well.

Cupcake is at Drill this weekend. Formation was at 1130 today. So, I am watching Little Miss and Little Mister. They are being pretty good. We are making the move to putting them in the same room in preparation for the new baby being born on July 25th. It is going to take some time for them to get use to this new situation. Cupcake ended up sleeping in the room with them for part of the night to get them to sleep. And I’m not even going to try to give them a nap today. I’m just going to let them wear themselves out today and maybe they will sleep better for their mom tonight!



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