Hello to you from me on this good Saturday!  Cupcake is at Drill again, so Coyote and I are watching Little Miss and Little Mister.

Last night was not much better with the new room arrangements, but we made it through their 2nd night. We are consistently having to rearrange furniture to keep Little Miss from climbing up on stuff. She seems to be able to climb on anything and will climb on everything. It is crazy.

Today’s spiritual principle for study is “willingness”. This is an awesome one! I need it to go along with most of the stuff in my life. During my 1 year journey to stop smoking I prayed for “the willingness to quit” for probably 6 months, then I changed it to “the power to stop”. I did eventually get the “want” to stop smoking a few months before I was actually able to finally quit. Thank to Heavenly Father and the LDS Stop Smoking Workshop and two wonderful LDS Elders!!

Today is a day of keeping the kids in line and doing laundry and relaxing.

Hope you have a great weekend as well!!


What e’er thou art, act well thy part!!


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