I am very saddened by the death of Robin Williams!  I feel very sad and will be praying for his family!

What I want to share with you tonight though is: I attempted suicide myself in October of 2002. It was only by the Grace and Mercy of Heavenly Father that I survived. Then in September of 2006 He helped me finally get the help that I needed to deal with all of those feelings inside of me that I was trying to kill.

I am a “recovering addict” which is to say: I used drugs (which includes alcohol for my purposes) against my own will for years, and now I am abstinent from all mood changing/mind altering substances and I work a program of recovery. My choice of recovery is 12 step programs. I attend two different ones. I am a member of Narcotics Anonymous and I attend an LDS Addiction Recovery Program. I work diligently to keep my self in “recovery” so that I don’t succumb to that voice in my head that tells me “I am not good enough” and “the world would be better off without me”.

I have a wonderful relationship with Heavenly Father today which I credit to the 12 Steps! It is this relationship that helps me to be able to not believe that voice!  I know today that Heavenly Father and Jesus love me!! I know that they know me personally, just as they know each one of you! I am confident in my life today because I know of and utilize in my life the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I use repentance in my daily life to help me slowly become the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be!!

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