New chapters

So, my 24 year old daughter started college yesterday. Today is her first day of all day classes (Tuesdays and Thursdays this semester). Needless to say, I have all 3 kids all day today. This is our first day doing this. I know we will survive, but I was and am a little apprehensive. I woke up about 6:15, got up before 7am. I heard both kids talking in their room at about 7:25. We had breakfast about 8:30, snacks at 11am, then cleaning up toys, then down to rest/nap time by about 11:45. Only the month old is actually sleeping.

I know that I can do this. I took care of the two older ones for 11 months 50 hours a week. Adding one more isn’t all that hard. It’s just that right now my daughter is having to use my vehicle, so I’m stuck at home. Plus we can’t even take a walk because we only have a double and single strollers, and I can’t  push two. We could possibly do it if Little Miss would walk, but she normally won’t so it’s not worth the hassle.

I’m going to print Little Miss a couple of coloring pages to give her something to do this afternoon.

My prayer today is that I have all of the patience that I need to give all of us a good day! I don’t want to spend the whole day stressed. It hasn’t been bad so far, so hopefully the rest of the day will go quickly and gently.

Life is full of new chapters. What I have learned is that if I don’t fight them, they come in easy and I learn to do what is necessary for my life to flow smoothly again. I know that this new chapter is what is best for my daughter and her kids right now, so I am praying for all of the courage, patience, physical and mental strength that I need to be a help not a hindrance to all involved.

Hope all of you have a wonderful day!!  (((HUGS)))




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