Prayers for others

I am going to be part of an event from sundown today to sundown tomorrow. I would like to invite all of you to this event also:

We invite you to join the Mormon Women Stand Facebook event, Global Prayer for Iraqi Christians, to unite in prayer and fasting with the worldwide community of Christians on behalf of our courageous brothers and sisters, and their children, who refuse to deny Jesus Christ, even at the peril of their lives, August 23-24th.

This is a link to the Blog about this wonderful chance for all Christians to unite to pray for our Christian brothers and sisters.

This is from the event page itself:

We believe that faith in Jesus Christ through united prayer to petition God on behalf of those who are suffering at the hands of evil will make a marked difference.

Therefore, on behalf of our Christian brothers’ and sisters’ in Iraq, we are inviting Christians of all denominations to join a global effort of fasting and prayer to petition the Lord for speedy relief and safety from those who desire to execute Christians if they refuse to deny Jesus Christ.


We are encouraging daily prayer on behalf of all suffering in Iraq at this time and will join in a united, interfaith-community fast from sundown, August 23rd to sundown, August 24th.

LDS Charities has authorized 100,000K in relief funds, with plans to provide more, as able. As you can imagine, getting physical relief supplies to refugees is very challenging and our prayers for this effort are greatly needed as well.

Please consider donating to the “General Fund” at LDS Charities – the humanitarian arm of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints:

(((HUGS))) I hope that all of you have a wonderful weekend!!

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