Are we in the right place?

Most days, yes, I do believe that I am in God’s Will. I read another talk this morning, but y’all probably expected that, since I have been blogging about doing the 40 Day and 40 Night General Conference Challenge.  Today’s was “The Lord Has A Plan For Us” by Carlos A. Godoy.  Good Stuff! There is a question in the talk: If we continue to live as we are living, will the promised blessings be fulfilled? So I want to more diligently look at this is my life.

He talked about three principles to follow so that we can be in God’s will for us. I’m not going to tell you them, because you should go read it for yourself!!  HaHa.


I play WOW on a private server. I have recently been playing on a server that was in Beta test phase. It went live yesterday, so the last two days the queues have been crazy. I mean like 2000 people in queue before me, crazy.  Yesterday I didn’t get on until last night because just about the time my queue came up, my hubby came home from work and it was his turn with the computer. So last night I logged on for a bit and made a Pandarian Monk, she is not about a level 15. Later tonight I will log on and work more on her.


Little Mister had a his tonsils out yesterday. After he got home until almost noon today, we could not get him to drink, or take his medicine. All he did was cry and sleep (on one of us). But now he is feeling much better. Thank Heavenly father!!


proverbs 3



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