It’s my anniversary!

Wow, I started this blog 1 year ago today! I’m amazed, didn’t realize it had been a year.

The 40 Days and 40 Nights General Conference Challenge talk for today is “Approaching the Throne of God with Confidence” by Elder Jörg Klebingat. It is absolutely wonderful. He said:

I will speak boldly, hoping to edify and not to offend.

And he did speak boldly, and it did not offend me! I thought is spoke to me, and told me how better to live today!! He shared 6 things to do to boost my spiritual confidence. I have been doing a few of them for years, and one for about 5 months, and I can see how they have made my life and my spiritual confidence better. It was awesome to see these 6 things given and the “whys” given too. Go read it, you won’t regret it!!!


My grandson, Little Mister, is still not feeling very well after having his tonsils out. He still is not eating or drinking right and still cries a lot and very clingy. But after a week or two it will be all over and done with and he will be better in the long run. I just wish a two year old understood that.

Well I’m going to close and publish this anniversary post. I hope everyone has a great weekend!!




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