I have been physically, emotionally and spiritually bankrupt. NOT TODAY!! Today I have a wonderful relationship with God and I have good/great relationships with my friends and family.

Today my pain levels are down to 1s and less, my energy levels are up to 6s. I can walk for exercise (which 2 years ago was just a dream) I even walked in 2 5Ks last summer! I can go places for more than an hour and enjoy being me and with my family! I sleep better than I have in years.

God led me to a 12 step program 9.5 years ago to help with the emotional and spiritual bankruptcy and He led me to Plexus 2 years ago to help with the physical and financial areas of my life!

Today I not only like who I am, and the life that I have, but I love being able to help others get to where I am. God has given me so many wonderful ways to not only improve my life, but I also get to help others improve theirs!!

God has given me Plexus as a way for me to fulfill my lifelong dream of being a “healer”, it is all I have really ever wanted to do. Help other people.

I am to serve God by serving others!!



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