The story of me, week 2.1

Ok, so things have changed a little bit on the #52stories. I can no longer locate the blog where there were just 52 questions. But I did locate 52 questions in picture form. There are also a lot more questions if you are interested. There is also the blog “Define your dash”, you should go read it here.

Below is the question for the first week of January, as you see it is different from the question that I answered last week (in the first week of January). So, I am going to answer this question in today’s blog and then answer the question for this week later this week.


My new goals for this year are simple:

  1. I will be consistent at writing my blog (at least 1 blog a week for 52 weeks)
  2. I will be consistent with my exercising (exercise at least 2 times a week for 52 weeks)
  3. I will attend sacrament meeting every Sunday that it is held
  4. I am working 2 sets of steps this year (I am writing out of the NA Basic Text, chapter 4 “How It Works” steps 1 thru 12, 1 step each month and I am going through the new NA book “Guiding Principles – The Spirit of our Traditions” 1 tradition each month with a couple of ladies in my sponsorship downline in a group setting).
  5. Attend the temple at least 4 times this year.


Of course this is in addition to the stuff that I have already incorporated in my daily life. Like: I get on my knees every morning and night to say formal prayers; I read the Book of Mormon every morning utilizing BofM365 by LDS Living on Instagram; I read the “Just For Today” meditation every morning; I talk to my NA sponsor regularly and utilize her as my sponsor; I regularly attend NA meetings; I regularly attend my stake LDS Addiction Recovery Program meeting; I am of service regularly, whether it is in NA, in my ward or stake calling, to my family or in other ways; this is not all that I do regularly, but it is all that I can think of right now, haha.




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