The story of me m1.1

“What is your earliest memory of feeling proud of yourself?”

I’m smart and I learn quickly and easily. I’m not bragging, God is the one that gave me this talent. It is what it is. I have always been smart. The earliest I really remember is 2nd grade. I remember them taking me and a few other kids out of our classroom and having us do some tests. The result of those tests were that a boy in my class and I got to attend “special classes”. It wasn’t anything drastic, we got to do silly stuff. A few simple experiments is mostly what I remember. I was in that same school through 4th grade and continued to go to the “special classes”. In 4th grade, we got to go see an archaeological dig somewhere not to far from Phoenix. That was great! I really enjoyed getting to see the ancient native american dig site.

I attended multiple schools between then and 12th grade. I was always in the advanced classes if they were available. Unfortunately by the time I got to 12th grade I had become a slacker. I was inducted into the National High School Honor Society in my Junior year of High School. I only attended 1 of their meetings. I quit school in the 2nd semester of 12th grade. That is one of the few decisions that I wish I could go back and change.

Yes, learning quickly and being smart did make me feel proud as a child. Today, actually being smart is not what makes me feel proud of myself, because, like I said, I didn’t have anything to do with that. I was born smart. What does make me proud these days is what I do with my intelligence. Because that is up to me. When I make intelligent decisions, when I learn new things, when I use my intelligence to help others, those are when I am using my brains in the right way. When I develop the talents that God gave me, that is when I know that I am doing the right thing today!!


I hope that y’all are enjoying my #52stories blogs as much as I am enjoying writing them. I plan on printing all of them out and putting them with my journals. I may even upload some to

Have a beautiful day!!!

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