The story of me w3.1


I am actively working on many goals right now:

my annual yearly goal of reading the Book of Mormon every morning utilizing bofm365 by LDS living on instagram

I am working diligently to be consistent with writing my blogs

I am being consistent with walking at least two times per week

I added a new on this year – I am reading the Doctrine and Covenants every morning via dandc365 on instagram

Of course I am working to stay clean each day and being an active member of NA

I am working the 12 steps again this year – 1 step each calendar month – out of the Basic Text, with my sponsor

I am working the 12 Traditions out of “Guiding Principles”, with a group of ladies in my sponsorship down line

I have other goals for this year, but some of them I can’t do right now, like the “Book of Mormon Translation challenge”. It is from April 6th until June 30th. It is a challenge I found by a member “Brother Simon” on Facebook a couple of years ago. I will participate this year again.

I have a goal of attending the LDS Temple in OK City at least 4 times this year, but haven’t been yet.

I hope you all have a happy Tuesday





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