The Story of Me m2.1

Do you know the story of how your parents met and fell in love?

I have been told parts of the story all of my life, both by my mother and father, some bits I have learned as an adult.

My parents met at an LDS Stake youth Thanksgiving dance in Fort Smith Arkansas in 1965. Not such a big thing except that my dad was raised in Tucson. My paternal grandparents moved their family from Tucson to Fort Smith in 1966 and only stayed for 6 months. That’s all. My dad always said that the only reason they came to Arkansas was so he could meet my mother!

They met at that Thanksgiving dance. I learned later that when my mom saw my dad she told her girl friends that she had dibs on him. Apparently he was tall enough that she could wear heals and he would still be taller than her. We learned this tidbit later from her best friend after mom died. Apparently my dad asked my mom to dance and that was all that was necessary. Because when his parents went back to Arizona a couple of months later he stayed (to take care of moving everything else back to AZ). My parents were married the next April 22.

They were married until my mother died on June 28, 1995. My father has not remarried. My mother was my father’s best friend, and he was her’s.

My dad use to do great loving things for my mom, a lot. He would bring her flowers, often. She use to always joke that if she even verbalized that she needed to lose weight, dad went out and bought her chocolates. My dad was always holding her hand, or telling her he loved her. I had to learn as an adult that people show love in many different ways. I was a bit disappointed in my early married life that my husband didn’t get me flowers or hold my hand a lot, and the fact that he had a best friend that wasn’t me nearly broke my heart. I have learned that people love in different ways! My dad showed his love for my mom in his way, which was great, and my husband shows his love for me in his way, which is amazing. Realizing that there is no “cookie cutter” mold for showing love has been one of the best lessons I have ever  learned.

By the way, my husband and I have been married since August, 9, 1985. We have had our struggles and were separated once for over 6 years, but we never got divorced. We have both grown and worked to make our marriage a wonderful place to be today!!

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