The story of me 3.4

My very first job was at Western Arkansas Employment Development Agency. That was the office that administered JTPA in our area. JTPA (the Job Training Partnership xAct) was federally subsidized job training. I started there as a JTPA participant in March of 1984, just a couple of weeks before my 17th birthday. 

I learned clerical skills, data entry and word processing skills. A year later when I quit school and had to end my time as a participant, they hired me on as a staff member. I was very blessed to have that job. 

I did not leave WAEDA until 1989 when my son was born premature and could not go to daycare because he had an apnea monitor the first 6 months of his life.

After my daughter was born in June of 1990 and I decided to be a nurse, it was WAEDA and JTPA that paid for my LPN school.

I learned many great things at that first job. I not only learned clerical and computer skills, word processing,  I learned phone skills, motivational skills, interpersonal skills, how to be a supervisor, to praise in public and counsel in private. I even began learnig how to teach others there. I learned so many things that have served me well in every job and my life since that time.

I hope everyone has a Blessed Sunday!!


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