Saturday am General Conference

NOTE: This post is just a quick cap of what this session was about. My short simple notes. Hopefully after the talks are published I will do a more extensive blog about what I truly learn from studying each. For now this is mostly about how I “feel” during the talks.

Wow! So very happy to have watched live the Saturday morning session of General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

I felt love from my Heavenly Father and my Savior and the leaders of this church. I received lots of good teaching and instruction!

As usual the MoTab Choir was wonderful!

President Uchtdorf conducted the meeting

Pres. Henry B. Eyring gave the first talk. He touched on unity (“be one with us’), he touched on the plan of salvation then he moved to the Elijah prophecy and the gathering of the family of God. I felt his love and concern in his talk!

Elder M Joseph Brough then spoke about “care packages”. He gave us great meme material when he talked about his grandmother getting onto his dad. I love where he stated that repentance is not punishment, it is privilege! I have personal experience with this and genuinely agree with him! I also like his story of how Heavenly Father showed him personally that he cares!

Next came Elder Clayton. I really liked him. I like his mannerisms, his speaking voice. How he showed his emotions. I felt comforted by him. He talked about the plan of salvation or “Father’s glorious plan” as he referred to it. I didn’t write down a lot of what he said, I was too interested in just feeling how I felt during his talk.

Then came Elder Renlund!! He talked about how we can find out about the character of God as we look at how he treats sin versus sinners! This was such a wonderful talk! I love his kind and gentle reminders of how I should act as a follower of Jesus Christ!

Then Elder Soares gave his talk. He mentioned replacing fear with faith. This rung a bell with me as this tends to be one of the lessons I am working on recently. My anxiety disorder tends to bring fear to my mind so very often and I am learning to remember to pray sooner and make a conscious decision to replace that fear with faith in Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Elder Mark Bragg spoke next. He spoke about the “light” I felt comfort and love as he spoke of the different kinds of light.

The final speaker was President Russel M. Nelson. For me his talk was a great education. He referenced John 3:16 for I think the 3rd time this am. He talked about studying about Jesus. He said it: changed him. I know it has changed me too. He reminded me to not disconnect my savior from the events. It is not the “atonement”, it is the “atonement of Jesus Christ”. I need reminders like this sometimes. I don’t want to get caught up in the wrong stuff. I have to remember the importance is in what my Savior did, not just that it was done. No one else could have done these things. Only the Savior. Thank you Pres Nelson for your gentle and loving reminders to me!!

I am so excited to watch the rest of General Conference!!

Hope you have a great afternoon


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