Sunday afternoon session of General Conference (4/2/2017)

NOTE: This post is just a quick cap of what this session was about. My short simple notes. Hopefully after the talks are published I will do a more extensive blog about what I truly learn from studying each. For now this is mostly about how I “feel” during the talks.

This session President Uchtdorf conducted.

MoTab sang for us! Thanks so much MoTab for all of your beautiful music this weekend and always!!

1st to talk was D. Todd Christofferson. He talked on how God loves us and therefore He warns us to turn away from our wickedness. He said that “to warn is to care”. “Far from being anxious to condemn, our Heavenly Father & our Savior seek our happiness and plead with us to repent” This talk had good, strong teaching for me in today’s society. I felt his concern for me as he spoke.

2nd was Joaquin E. Costa.  He spoke of the lessons he learned before he was baptized. He also encouraged us to learn from his lessons.

3rd was S. Mark Palmer. I liked his accent. I love things related by personal stories, they are sharing their self with me!! He shared a personal revelation he received about Mark chapter 10. He learned about loving others in order to help them grow. “Let it go and follow Him” This was an awesome talk, I got so into it I didn’t take good notes, but I loved the feelings I felt during it.

4th was Elder Gary E. Stevens. His talk was “How can the Holy Ghost help you?” He gave 3 things about the Holy Ghost them 3 things it can do. My chair broke during this talk, so now I am hurting and not able to pay very good attention. I know he said that we need to stay close to the spirit and the spirit will stay close to us. Good information for my every day living and learning in this talk.

5th was S. Scott Grow. He talked on the blessing of coming to know God and Jesus Christ. He quoted John 3:16 (how many times is that this conference?)  God knows me personally. Our ultimate example is Jesus Christ, learn of him. They live and they love me!

6th was Benjamin De Hoyos. His talk was Let Our Light Shine. Hurting more now so my notes are not good, but I know his teaching was for me too. He told me the voice of God’s servants is as good as the voice of the Lord. He said that unto him that receiveth, more will be given. He talked about learning line upon line, precept upon precept. I love this because now that I have experienced that type of learning myself and crave more, I always hear and rejoice in learning about ways to get closer to my Heavenly Father and my Savior!!

Last to address us was Quentin L. Cook. He spoke of building faith in God the Father and Jesus Christ. Talked about it takes 10,000 hours to become considered at master at a subject, but we forget to take the same time with our spiritual development. Three questions that most of his decisions will be based on the answers: Was Jesus Divine?   Was the Book of Mormon true?  Was Joseph Smith the prophet of the restoration? He said I need to have the humility necessary to get a sure foundation in Christ.

I love all of the reminders I have been given this weekend to continue in the simple daily things that first gave me a testimony to keep my testimony strong and sure. I tend to forget easily what works or try to look past the mark. Heavenly Father knows that I need reminding to keep at the small simple things!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful rest of your Sabbath day!!


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