Sunday morning session of General Conference

NOTE: This post is just a quick cap of what this session was about. My short simple notes. Hopefully after the talks are published I will do a more extensive blog about what I truly learn from studying each. For now this is mostly about how I “feel” during the talks.

President Eyring conducted this session

The Mormon Tabernacle choir provided the beautiful music for us.

First we got to hear from our Prophet Thomas S. Monson!! He announced 5 new temples. His message was short but oh so sweet. He said that we each need to be reading the Book of Mormon prayerfully daily. We need to have a testimony and do those things that keep it alive and strong, this will help us through. It was wonderful to hear his voice, see his face and feel his love and concern on this beautiful Sabbath morning.

2nd Joy D. Jones of the primary presidency talked about raising a sin resistant generation. Lots of good info, but my feeling was and is that I need to prayerfully ask Heavenly Father what I need to be doing to help teach my grandchildren as He wants them to be taught. I will study this talk later with all of the other wonderful information we have been given during this conference.

3rd was Yoon Hwan Choi with his wonderful “Look Up”! He said, don’t lose your faith because of people around you, this is such a good suggestion! This talk to me was all about developing a strong relationship with Christ and using it in all areas of my life.

I love the positive vibe of our General Conference!!

4th was Elder Ronald A Rasband. My heart is so full and my spiritual cup is overflowing! He discussed the Godhead and then ways to keep the Holy Ghost with us. Such good info for me to study and remember! I love the emphasis on the daily things necessary for me to do this conference! I want to be a “spiritual first responder”!!

5th was L Whitney Clayton – such good stuff. “Over time simple habits of belief lead to miraculous results.” “Such simple acts of faith deepen our well of spiritual capacity to deal with life.” So many good things for me to do to keep me on the right path.

6th was Elder Dallin H. Oaks. he too talked of the Godhead and explained the nature of the Godhead and then how each of those relates to the plan of happiness. He talked about how the plan of salvation if a great gift and road map for me. I am excited to study this talk later too! So much good info that I couldn’t take in right this minute. I feel so very blessed to be able to go back and read and study all conference talks as I need to. So many blessings!

And 7th was President Uchtdorf. He talked about fear. A very relevant subject. He told me to contemplate how I use fear to motivate myself and others, then to change things up if I do. God doesn’t use fear as a motivator and He doesn’t want me to either. God wants me to have and use love, joy, peace, gentleness, meekness, etc., the fruits of the spirit. Pres Uchtdorf stressed for me to be not afraid, but to be of good cheer. I need to fill myself with the love of Christ! This talk, and so many talks this weekend, has been a “hope shot” to me!!

Such uplifting and instructional messages today, as always! I am so looking forward to the next session.



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