About Acceptance

Acceptance is one of the spiritual principles that I learned about early in my recovery. I have been saying for 10 years or so that acceptance is my favorite spiritual principle. It is! The reason for this is:  when I accept people and circumstances for exactly what they are, I am better in my head.

When I accepted that I was an addict, that I can not control my use of drugs, I was free to stop using and find a solution. When I accepted that NA was my solution, I was free to immerse my self in the 12 steps. As I worked the steps I was able to find a relationship with God and allow Him to guide my life.

As I accepted that my husband loved me (he had been proving that to me for over 20 years), I could stop listening to the voice in my head that said I wasn’t good enough for him so he was looking for someone else. I could finally accept his love just as it was!

When I accept myself as a human being who is going to make mistakes, I can forgive myself for my mistakes and try to do better today. And, I can also forgive others for their mistakes.

When I accept that life is not fair I can just let it be what it is, I don’t have to keep score!!

I gain peace of mind as I practice acceptance!!


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