About honesty

honesty big word

When I first got clean I learned that honesty is a spiritual principle that I had to learn to practice.

I’m not just talking about not lying to people, not stealing and giving back extra change a cashier might give me. I also have to be extremely honest with myself about how I am feeling and acting. I lied to myself for so many years that it was a hard lesson to learn, but it is more than worth the work!

If I am not brutally honest with myself there is a chance that I will go back to the denial that I lived in for so many years. As I practice self honesty, I can also continue to grow as I act on the information I find in my step work and receive in personal revelation. This way I can continue growing in recovery and as a child of God.

I have also learned that I have to be honest in my important personal relationships. Though the voice in my head says that I am not good enough, and if I am not exactly what my people want then they will not love me, today I know that is a lie and I know from experience that when I am honest, truly honest with my people about how I feel and how I am doing, that my relationships are much better!!

I spent way too many years being scared of showing my true self to those I love and because of that there were always gaps in those relationships. Today, as I am honest in my relationships, they grow!

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