Today’s gratitude

So, I’m having a pretty rough day today. All three of the grands have been sick off and on since last night about 9pm. My daughter and husband were up with them off and on all night. I have been up with them since 6am. Two of them have stopped vomiting and just “don’t feel good”. Fevers all around here today too. I thought I would take a few minutes while two of them are asleep and do a quick gratitude list. I always work diligently to practice and attitude of gratitude, but it’s days like today that I sometimes need to actually make a list.

I am grateful for: (in no particular order)

Some days it is good for me to list some of these things. Today is one of those days. I also feel that sometimes it is good to share my gratitude with others. Today I am glad I decided to share it with you!



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