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On August 9th I had a Dr. appointment. During this appointment the Dr suggested that I try out a “no animal protein diet”! He showed me a web sight showing the research results. He said that the word “cure” is being used with fibromyalgia. I told him that I would consider it. He did state that he knew it was a hard thing to do, but if I could do it I could possibly put my fibro in remission.

I came home. Talked to God about it. Found the website he showed me and began investigating. I found a diet that I thought I was going to be able to do bits at a time. It is a “Whole food plant based diet” Whole foods means as little processed food as possible and plant based it just that. Some folks call the plant based diet a Vegan diet. I mostly don’t use that title because I am not a Vegan. Vegan is more of a complete lifestyle avoiding harm to all animals. I don’t have any moral problems with eating meat. But I am eating like some Vegans. Recently there are a lot of processed food for vegans. I am trying to eliminate all processed food.

That afternoon I decided that I would start. I began eliminating meat, and meat products. I had some second thoughts when I realized that it included milk , cheese and eggs.

I have had fibromyalgia for 20 years now. I am willing to try a whole lot of things to try to get rid of the symptoms of my fibro.

So I started eating only a plant based diet on August 17th.

After a couple of weeks I got lazy and found some processed foods that were plant based. So I started eating more of them that whole foods. I figured out within a couple of weeks that for me processed food is as bad as the animal proteins.

I do a lot of meal prep. I have learned to use Jiffy Vegetarian cornbread mix and use Almond milk and half of a banana. Then I cut it in to 8 pieces and but it in bowls and store in the frig until I use it.

I came up with a simple sauteed vegetable recipe that I usually eat with the corn bread.

baked potato

Above is a picture of my dinner tonight. I had a russet potato to bake, which I did. The other day I was making a salad. I had bought some garbanzo beans. some sliced mushrooms and some black olive pieces. I had the food processor out and ended up just putting all of it in the processor. This cut of the mushrooms and the beans and mixed it all up real good. What was left I put in a bowl and stuck it in the frig. Tonight while my potato was baking, I chopped up a bit of an onion, sauteed that in 2 tbsp of plant butter with some minced garlic. When that was all soft and a little brown I added some of the garbanzo mixture and added a couple teaspoons of lemon juice and cooked for just few minutes until all of it was hot. I got the potato out and took the peel off, cut it up, added a tbsp of plant butter, and a dash of sea salt. I then put the heated mixture on top of the potato, added some Ms Dash. Then I mixed it up and took a bite of deliciousness!!

I have had teeth problems since I was 16 or so. I have had top dentures since 1993 and bottom dentures since 2002. Because of all of that I have for ages had trouble eating. Plus I used crystal meth for 3.5 yeas in which I only ate when I had to. This new eating plan is helping me to enjoy food and eating again.

This eating plan hasn’t really been that hard. I am quite surprised that it has been this easy giving up chocolate (especially white chocolate reese’s peanut butter cups) Little Debbie cakes and potato chips.

I am really happy learning this new way of eating. It’s very interesting learning whole food plant based recipes. There are some really good Vegan bloggers who are teaching me so much and making this new road much easier.

Just 1 week until General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!! Hope everyone enjoys it! If you are not a member of the church you are invited to watch our General Conference too. It is the first weekend in October at 10 am Mountain time. Please join us and listen to Prophets and Apostles of our Lord!



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  1. You should talk to Jennifer A. in Van Buren. She went to a plant based diet and is now off all fibro meds. No inflammation. Her results are miraculous.

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