A great plant based recipe I found

I found this really good homemade Vegan tomato soup that I made the other. This meets both my Whole food and plant based parts of my new eating lifestyle. It was also delicious. I got the recipe from MyDarlingVegan.com. I used the coconut milk instead of the cashew cream because I was afraid I wouldn’t have the time to make the cashew cream. I’m excited to try that too. Hopefully next week I can make another batch with the cashew cream. I also did not make the croutons.

This recipe was easy to follow, the instructions were simple.

2019-10-03 (2)

Creamy Vegan Tomato Soup (Soy-Free!) _ My Darling Vegan

In other news: Today is Thursday and I have already walked 4 times already this week. My fitbit steps per day has been 6500 for a while now and most days for over a year now I couldn’t even get 5000 steps a day. Monday I upped it to 7000 steps per day and the plan is to up it 500 steps a week until I get to 10,000 a day. So far this week I have 31,843 steps.

And now my gratitude list for today: I am grateful the love my Heavenly Father and His son Jesus Christ give to me daily. I don’t have to earn their love!! They love me no matter how I act. Now, I believe that all blessings are predicated on an action that I have to perform so they can only give me the blessings on those terms, but NOT their love! They love me all the time just the way I am flaws and all today!! Also I am so grateful for the plan of salvation, the grace of Jesus Christ that enables the ability to repent and to help me change!! I am grateful for the 12 Steps (those from NA and those from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Family Services Addiction Recovery Program) they are the tools that Heavenly Father and Jesus use to change me! I am grateful for my friends, the ones who are also blood related, the ones I have known for as long as 38 years and all of those I have me since then, to the ones from NA and the ones I go to church with and have church callings with. Family and friends are an amazingly special gift that I try to treasure always!! I am grateful for the relationships I have with my daughter and her kids and my son and his wife (they are some of my closest friends). My NA sponsor and sponsees are some of my very best friends and I treasure them!!! I try not to depend on electronics and modern “distractions” but I am grateful for the laptop I use and my phone and some of the more useful apps: I use apps like “fitbit” along with my fitbit to help with my necessity of walking for exercise to help my fibro; I like “myfitnesspal” to keep track of my caloric intake and my exercise imported from the fitbit app; I love the church’s apps like “Gospel Library”, “Tools” and “Music”, it is wonderful to have all the scriptures and General Conference talks and Come Follow Me stuff right in my phone where I can get to it at all times. I have so many more things that I am grateful for, but that will do for today!

Thanks all of you for reading this today!!



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