What a difference eating right is making!!


This was me this past Sunday at church. It was so good to feel even feel like going, much less feel like taking my 3 grandchildren. Plus, I had done grocery shopping at 3 stores the prior day and made a pot of the creamy tomato soup that I love and a cauliflower green bean casserole for the pot luck at church.

A lot in the past year I haven’t even felt like going to church. And I have been doing the grocery shopping on line because I didn’t feel like actually going to the store, much less 3. Plus I took my 5 year old grandson with me shopping!!

Yes there is a learning curve. There usually is for me when I am doing something new. But, I am getting better all the time. A few weeks ago I was too tired on Sunday to go because I had done too much on Saturday. This past Saturday I started early and did plenty of resting in between things so that I would not wear myself out.

I’ve had a really good 4 or 5 days in a row. Today I have been a bit uncomfortable because we had rain in the area, but it is nothing compared to how I use to feel on rainy days. Also I have been fighting a headache today, but I am working at quitting drinking soda too. So a headache is to be expected.

October 6th through 12th I walked for a total of 1 hour 28 minutes over 3 days. I like to walk. An eventual goal of mine is to be able to jog/run a 5k. We have a recovery walk her in my home town every September. I have a goal to jog/run that in Sept of 2020.

Today I want to share with you one of my new favorite recipe. It is “Skinny Vegan Fettuccine Alfredo” by MyDarlingVegan. I made it last week and am in love! Also, her recipe for vegan parm cheese is amazing and not just on this meal!! It wasn’t hard to make at all.



I got to get gel polish on my nails Monday!! They look so pretty and I love them so much!

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