Review of conference talk Oct 2019, Jeffrey R. Holland

Elder Jeffrey R Holland started off the October 2019 General Conference of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with his talk “The Message, the Meaning and the Multitude”. You should take a look at it. I was sooooo excited when I heard Elder Holland’s name. His talks always resonate straight to my heart. This one did, no doubt!

Right off the bat, he gave gave us a cute little story of the little boy watching April conference and sustaining President Russell M Nelson with his foot since he was holding his bottle.


Then he told us a story from Luke 18. About the blind man receiving his sight.

Next he tied that story into what/how we should be paying attention to here at conference. He wanted us to realize:

“To grasp the vision we are seeking, the healing that He promises, the significance we somehow know is here, we must cut through the commotion—joyful as it is—and fix our attention on Him.”

and that

“The prayer of every speaker, the hope of all who sing, the reverence of every guest—all are dedicated to inviting the Spirit of Him whose Church this is—the living Christ, the Lamb of God, the Prince of Peace.”

And also in talking about all of the recent changes to church policy “we will miss the real reason for these revelatory adjustments if we see them as disparate, unrelated elements rather than as an interrelated effort to help us build more firmly on the Rock of our Salvation.”

He urged us to keep the Savior at the center of every aspect of our lives!

His final thought was: “Sisters and brothers, through the incessant din and drumbeat of our day, may we strive to see Christ at the center of our lives, of our faith, and of our service. That is where true meaning lies. And if some days our vision is limited or our confidence has waned or our belief is being tested and refined—as surely it will be—may we then cry out the louder, “Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me.” I promise with apostolic fervor and prophetic conviction that He will hear you and will say, soon or late, “Receive thy sight: thy faith hath saved thee.”

I just love Elder Holland’s talks! Having this talk at the opening talk just started General Conference out in the perfect way for me!! I was excited before conference, but after this talk I was pumped up, centered on Jesus Christ, and ready for some “right now doctrine”. And I will tell you, I was not disappointed at all!!



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