Life gets so busy.

I know that I have been quiet for a while. Life just gets so darn busy! And, we have been living through this pandemic.

As soon as the restaurants shut down, Coyote & I both applied for a position as independent contractors driving for a food “order on your phone” company. Waitr. So we are getting out of the house regularly. He has been working since 3/31 and I have been working since about 4/6. Our daughter has still been working. We (mostly) all share the responsibilities in the house, you know: cleaning, taking care of kids, etc.

The church that I belong to closed our doors early on in this pandemic stuff. So, trusting President Nelson, I prayed and talked to Heavenly Father about this situation. He assured me that Pres. Nelson was doing what He wanted him to do and that I would come out of this just fine.

So I have had a large measure of trust through this whole thing.

I have learned that trusting God, means trusting God. It means not letting the fear that is in me guide me.  I wrote a poem a couple of years ago. It is hanging on the wall in front of me desk. I love the reminder!

When fear tries to overtake
When feelings make me cry
When life threatens my joy
I stop, pray and walk in faith

When pain weakens my resolve
When exhaustion lingers all day
When my mind plays tricks on my
I stop, pray and walk in faith

My life is more than mine
I am a disciple of Jesus Christ
No matter what comes my way
I stop, pray and walk in faith!!

I sometimes get down, I get too tired, I get overwhelmed. I know that when I do I don’t have to carry it alone. My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ stands ready to help me when I pray. He holds my hand. He gives me the strength I need for today. He gives me words to help others. He gives me opportunities to serve my brothers and sisters here on earth and those on the other side of the veil.

I have trust in the Lord that we (on earth) and going to get through this pandemic and hopefully learn a few lessons too. I know that some are dying, but I don’t look upon death as a bad thing. So…

I personally am doing what I can to lift hearts on a regular basis. I smile at everyone, trying to get a smile back, I talk kindly to others wherever I go. Yesterday I prayed with a lady, it was awesome!

I hope for all of you reading this that you have been good through this time in our lives! I hope that you and your families are safe, healthy and happy. For those that aren’t I hope you have a relationship with Heavenly Father and can find comfort in trusting Him!!

In other news: I have lost more weight! I also cut my hair a few months ago.


I like it, new glasses, new hair, and 55 pounds lighter!

Don’t give up on you!



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