Awesome News

I received an email the other day that just made me laugh and smile it was so wonderful. It was an email from Book of Mormon it is about their latest project which they are calling crowd-sourced Book of Mormon. I am attaching their website so you can go look at it and see for yourself. But I will tell you a little bit about it: Book of Mormon Central I’m not sure how long they’ve been around but I know they’ve been around a few years and I found him a few years ago they do some really neat stuff about archaeology where it connects to the Book of Mormon and they were doing some stuff to help us with the come follow me with reading schedules and matching videos and things like that. So what they have decided to do, is in efforts to flood the world with the Book of Mormon, they are having different people, one person perverse, read the book of Mormon. What they are having each individual do is get on their website Reserve reverse and then they have 10 days to record video record themselves reading this verse and then uploading it to them and they will edit it and then put all of it together and then help get this digital copy of the Book of Mormon like this all over the world. I think this is an amazing idea. I have already reserved my verse. Please go and check out their website and if you are interested record a verse and please tell all your family and friends.

Also I am getting very excited about the prospect of getting to go back to church in our buildings. I love the come follow me and I am learning so much from it. I have also enjoyed a member of my Bishoprick bringing me the sacrament. I just will be excited to see all of my friends and family that I go to church with. I am the only active member in my household. So Sunday meetings by myself sometimes get a little lonely. On

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