The “Christ”mas Spirit

Earlier today, someone mentioned needing to find their misplaced Christmas spirit. That got me to thinking. Do I have the Christmas spirit? Am I happier and more joyful right now because it's almost Christmas? Am I giddy with expectation of the "big" day? Am I enjoying the planning for the holiday parties? Or is my … Continue reading The “Christ”mas Spirit

The list

I have mentioned a couple of times recently that I need to make a list to put up on my wall somewhere of the things that I need to be practicing daily. So, I decided to do it and share it with y'all.¬†Practice DailyTrusting God for everythinggratitude for the small thingsgratitude for the big thingsHopeFaithHumilityAcceptanceSurrenderHonestyOpen-mindednessWillingnessBe … Continue reading The list